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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So in the "Mad Men" season finale there was a passing mention of actress Jessica Pare's teeth and now it turns out apparently there are people who are obsessed with the fact that her teeth don't live up to some arbitrary standard of perfection. Besides this guy (follow the link for a photo of her smiling, exposing her shameful biological chewing structures), TV critic Alan Sepinwall mentioned on the Bill Simmons podcast he'd gotten a lot of comments on his site.

Uh, there's nothing wrong with her teeth. Jessica Pare is a stunningly attractive woman. For me, the fact that her teeth don't look like they came off an assembly line makes her more attractive, not less. It gives her individuality and character, even vulnerability.

People are strange. This is a symptom of the cultural disease to which Heidi Montag succumbed.

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