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Monday, October 18, 2010

Eight kinds of wrong

Bill Simmons set some sort of record for dumb Tweets tonight regarding the Yankees-Rangers game. Here they are in order:

The nonstop Cliff Lee hype + Vegas making Texas slight favs vs Pettitte in NY has me convinced: Game 3 will be a Yankee romp. Lock it down.

Cliff Lee's been on 4 teams in the last 15 mths. He went 4-6 for Texas with a 3.98 ERA. Now he's 1986 Mike Scott? Come on. Yanks in a romp.

Andy Pettitte has 18 postseason wins! Most ever! And he's an underdog at home in a playoff game? Come on... this is the dumbest thing ever.

Yanks starting to figure out Lee. You can see it. Only question is whether their bats will explode in the 5th or 6th inning.

Yanks did their job - they wore out Lee in 7 innings, now they can feast on Texas' set-up guys. Bookies wouldn't take odds on a big NYY 8th.

You can almost feel this walkoff 3-run HR by A-Rod coming, can't you?

Looks like it's not New York's night tonight. I'd like to apologize to the Yankee fans for screwing things up tonight. My bad.

Lee wound up taking a 2-0 lead into the ninth inning, at which point the Rangers broke it open, batting around in the last inning and sending Yankees fans to the exits. Final score: Rangers 8 - Yankees 0. Not sure what prompted Simmons to think Cliff Lee was overhyped. He came into the game with a 6-0 lifetime postseason record and an ERA of 1.44. Now it's 7-0 and an even-lower ERA. Simmons ends by apologizing to Yankees fans, apparently for jinxing their team. He should have apologized to regular readers like myself who are left to wonder how someone who follows baseball as closely as he does could be so clueless.

UPDATE: He's still at it today with the pro-Yankees stuff. Looks like this is just an elaborate reverse jinx on Yankees. My irony detector was out of whack.

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