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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Stanford lost to Oregon on Saturday because the coaches angered the football gods when they had a player fake an injury. Oregon was driving for the tying touchdown, down 38-31, using a sort of hurry up offense that was tiring out the Stanford defense, so a linebacker faked a leg injury to slow the offense down and give the defense a breather. He came off the field with an exaggerated limp, then came back out on the very next play, no worse for the wear. Oregon went on to score, then knocked out a Stanford wide receiver, forcing a fumble that was returned for a TD and ultimately won 52-31. The football gods don't like that kind of s%*#, Jim Harbaugh. It's unsportsmanlike.

Arian Foster reminds me a little bit of Eric Dickerson. Minus the goggles, thankfully.

So everyone knows Chuck Cecil, the Titans D coordinator, gave an official the finger from the sideline Sunday. Classy. I'm amazed Chuck Cecil's gray matter is non-soupy enough to allow him to tie his shoes, let alone coach in the NFL. The guy was a violent football player. It's a travesty that there isn't a YouTube compilation of his hits. I remember one against a Redskins tight end that was one of the gnarliest hits I've ever seen. He would have been fined $1 million for that hit in today's NFL.

Kevin Harlan, the CBS announcer, uses the word "hit" for "completion," and he should stop. As in, "Carson Palmer looks downfield, and he finds TO with the 20-yard hit." I don't know where he came up with this, but it doesn't work. No one else in the world uses "hit" to describe a reception. It's not good to be different, Kevin. Conform.

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