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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prop dunks

As I've said more times than I can remember, I agree with DeMar DeRozen. Enough with the props in the NBA dunk contest. Blake Griffin is an incredible dunker, and his 360 was amazing, but his winning dunk really wasn't that great. There's probably a couple dozen NBA players who could jump over the hood of a car and dunk. How's it any more difficult than jumping over a person to dunk, which has been done multiple times? Jump over the roof. That'll impress me.

While we're getting rid of props, let's limit the attempts. Nate Robinson was the worst offender in 2006, robbing Andre Iguodala when he needed about 15 tries to put down his winning dunk. You should get two free attempts, after which you're penalized for each failed attempt.

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