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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Das Comeback

That. Was. Awesome. It's especially satisfying to see the preening, chest-thumping, front-running Heat* get an overhand right to the face. There's something about this Mavericks team that, when they start when of their late-game runs, causes their opponents to panic. The Mavs couldn't have won this game if the Heat hadn't handed it to them with horrible shot selection -- one contested three with the shot clock expiring after another -- but their collective will to win seems to induce psychological meltdowns.

*One of the strangest things about the 2010-11 Heat is that Dwyane Wade has become unlikable. Maybe the relentless media and fan criticism of his team has twisted him a bit, made him bitter or defensive, but on the court these days he comes off as kind of a punk.

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