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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pizza wars

I'm seeing all kinds of pizza ads on TV in the wake of the Domino's Pizza spots in which they whipped themselves with a cat o' nine tails. Pizza Hut, Round Table, Papa John's, new Domino's ads. Never has so much money been spent promoting bad pizza.

Now Domino's has ads in which they take call out Papa John's for falsely hyping the quality of their pizza. I guess the thinking is now that Domino's, having shoved an inferior product on its loyal customers for years, despite being told its pizza tasted like cardboard, has confessed to its sins on the sacred electronic box of the marketplace, seizing the moral high ground, it can freely dump on other companies for allegedly doing pretty much the exact same thing it just admitted to?

Seems a touch self-serving and hypocritical to me, but then again quarterly profits have doubled, so what do I know. No one ever went broke etc. etc.

You wouldn't want to own a Domino's franchise in Canada, however, where the new pizza apparently has not been implemented, but where customers through the magic of not living under rocks are no doubt aware of the U.S. ad campaign.

I've had it with Domino's. I'll try the new pizza once, maybe twice, but no more than three times, and then I'm done for good.

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