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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coors Light drinkers

David Cross has a funny bit in his new standup CD about Coors Light's can-related gimmicks:

"What is going on with people who drink Coors Light and their seeming inability to get the liquid that's in the can into them without some sort of disaster happening? What is the problem they're having that they need these technological advances?"

First there was the wide mouth, then were the side vents, and then there was the cold-activated can, which lets you know when the beer is cold enough to drink. Cross:

"Now, when I wanna know when something's cold, of the five senses available to me, I use the sense of touch. It has worked literally every single time ... but Coors Light drinkers are like, 'Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, I can feel it's cold, and I can taste it's cold. But how do I really know?"

You know, this kind of reminds me something. Oh, yeah. This is what I wrote back in September:

And no, Coors, I don't need Freaky Freezies technology to tell me when my beer is cold. Human hands have evolved over thousands of years, and one of the functions of these marvelously useful instruments is sensing heat and cold.

YOU'RE WELCOME for the material, David Cross.

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